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All offers atleast entertained!
We need this stuff out of here!!!! Well thats what the better half says anyway!!!



1- Parma - Dodge Ram - PN10158 - NIP - Maxx/MT Body - $10
2- *SOLD*
3- *SOLD*
4- *SOLD*
5- *SOLD*
6- HPI - Nitro Rush Body - PN7175 - NIP - Most Stadium Trucks - $10
7- *SOLD*
8- *SOLD*
9- *SOLD*
10- *SOLD*
11- *SOLD*
12- *SOLD*
13- *SOLD*
14- *SOLD*
15- Parma - FireTruck - PN10116 - NIPUS - Maxx/MT Body - $13


1- *SOLD*
2- Old 50's Ford? Flared Fendered Pickup - Maple Leaf Red to Green Chameleon - All details painted - Bowling Ball effect bed - Lotsa chrome details - Again a lot of hours - Body cut but no holes punched - $55(normally $100+ in our books)

3- ProLine - Chevy Silverado - Bolwing Ball effect Green / Black - Graphote bed - Carbon Fiber Hood - Chrome Window Tint - Cut and holes punched for T maxx (including cooling holes) Never run on truck- $30

4- Parma Grave Digger 12 - Painted Gpahite - GD Stickers applied - Custom green viyl flame cut to replace Parma flames - Body was signed by Gary Porter @ last Thunder on the Beach Rc Races (driver of Grave Digger) - Body cut but no holes- Never run- (Shelf Peice) - $40

Pic taken before it was signed.
5- Stock Traxxas T Maxx body - Teal to Purple Chameleon - Thunder Cats logo painted on hood - White metal grille installed on truck - Truck cut and hols punched for T maxx - Never run but scuffs from being moved from Show to Show year round- Still great looker and even better runner body- $25

6- HPI Micro BMW- Blue - Green Chameleon - White Racing Stripes - Carbon Fiber Hood - Body cut and holes for Micro cut - never run - slight scuffs from show to show- $18

7- HPI Mitsubishi Eclipse- Cutom Mix Burgundy to Purple chameleon - Grafix on hood and side of thee bodies- Thee were an attempt at painting early on. Person never paid and they got put aside. They were to be matching show body and runner body. One has decals on it with metal grille cut but no holes- Second is painted and cut, no holes punched but no decals (lost) and no grille- Wings are cut but not mounted- both are 190mm bodies- Sell both for $25

8- *SOLD*
9- *SOLD*
10- HPI BMW M Coupe - Purple with faspearl purple Tribal on hood- Was our display early on- (one of the earliest bodies painted by us) - Some scuffing from being around- Body cut and holes punched for RS4 - $20

16- HPI Mercedes AMG 200mm - Candy Purple / silver two tone - "" grafix down side - Wing got some damage to it (easily removeable) then the normal scuffing and scratches to body - never run - cut for RS4- $20

17- HPI Viper 200mm- Second "Torn Creation" body ever painted - Candy Apple with a flip flop checkerboard tear away - Body cut and holes for rs4- Never run but has normal scuffing or being 5-6 years old - (have yoru part of history here ) $25

18- HPI Alfa Romeo 200mm - Purple/Blue Chameleon / Black Two Tone - Tinted windows 7 Sunroof - Cut and holes for RS4 - Was show body - Minor scuffing - $25

19- ProLine Jetta 4 200mm - Wite slashes w/ Prismatic Flake on Black - (this body really catches the eye ins unlight) - Cut ut no holes - Never run - $30

20- *SOLD*
21- *SOLD*
22- Proceed Style GT Body - PAINTJOB HALF FINISHED - Yellow/Orange shading with blue marble puzzle breaking away at front and falling over body - makes a great beater body! - Main part of body painted but cockpit and driver is not - Had problems with airbrush and had to go onto other project- Wasnt wroth chucking out- Not cut or holes punched- $5


1- Original Tamiya Bullhead Body Great Shape! No broken Pieces- Chrome Shows Slight sign of age close up Painted Metallic Blue VERY CLEAN! Hard to give up but must cut down collection. - $65 OBO

2- ~RARE~ Original Bowtie Chevy ClodBuster Body Body is in perfect condition with Boyd Metallic Purple Paint- All body parts accounted for Chrome has worn from Age (after re-chroming would be a beautiful show body) - $50 (CHASSIS IN PICTURE IS SOLD AND NOT INCLUDED)


1- Panther Tire Racing Foams (pt954) opened but never used $4
2-2 x Panther Sand Paddle Tires (PT 850) Both Sets Sealed in Package $16 for either ($30 for both packages)
3- 1 x Maximizer Comp Bars (E & T Maxx Chassis Braces w/ Tranny SkidPlate) Red (PN 4983) New Sealed in Package $10
4- Ballistic Stupidty (now Vertigo Performance) E & T Maxx Upgrade Package (Purple Aluminum Front, rera and Tranny Skidplates, Servo Skid Plate, Chassis Braces) All sealed in package. $70
5- Traxxas E & T Maxx Tranny SkidPlate (Blue & Silver)(PN 4947x) New in Package $10
6- Ballistic Stupidty (now Vertigo Performance) Servo SkidPlates (both Blue annodized and sealed in packages) $8
7- Traxxas Fual Tank Holder for Nitro Sport Selaed in Package (pn 4432) $3
8- Full set of Ho Boa Monster Pirate Tires, White Rims, E & T Maxx Blue Adpaters (Tires & Foams mounted but not glued, Setup was mounted on truck but not run at all.. perfect condtion) $70 OBO
9- Ratzas Full CF Chassis Setup All NIP Ratzas racer Chassi, Pro Upper Deck and Rear Deck - $50+ from - $30

10- 2 X HPI Micro RS4 Chassis, Upper Decks and Rear Decks w/ stock hardware still attatched - $6

11- Powerline Racing Blue Annodized T & E maxx parts 3 X Shock Towers (perfect shape and very clean) & Body mounts (rear body mount is plate only see picture) - $35

12- HPI Nitro RS4 (Belt driven) Stock Purple Chassis Slight scratches - $4

13- *SOLD*
14- 2 X Panda Super Charger AC/DC Auto Charger 6-7 Cells Adjustable Amperage Charge / Discharge Slightly Used but are in perfect working order $20 Each

15- *SOLD*
16- *SOLD*
17- Traxxas Nitro Stampede Parts Stash None broken Slight Use (see picture) - $10