IMAC Aerobatic Competition
June 10th

XXXXXXAt my latest Thunder on the Beach show I had met Lucas Slabonik, a fellow RC enthusiast from Pennsylvania, who soon became a good friend. He had shared with me he was into RC airplanes and that there was a competition coming up sponsored by a club he belonged to. I had long adored that aspect of RC but never pursued it. After a week of him talking about the pilots who would be there and what they would be doing and what it's like to attend an airshow, I took him up on the offer.
XXXXXXSo on Sunday the tenth I set out on a three hour drive to Harrisburg Pa. to meet him at the show. I arrived right in time for the freestyle event. I am glad I didnt miss a single part of that event. It was one of the most incredible things I have ever seen. They competed against each other with mind stuttering aerobatic filled flights. They would do all of this to music they selected. They would mimick the sounds of the music in their flight. They performed stunts I did not ever think were possible.
XXXXXXThere was not a point during the show that I wasn't speechless. Between the performance of the pilots and the overall atmosphere of the show. Everyone I talked to was more than happy to answer everyone of my trivial little questions. They seemed more like a close knit family than a group of RC pilots who just go out to compete against eachother. Many of them came up to me and introduced themselves and would then introduce me to others and made me feel very comfortable and part of the group. It was a very laid back atmosphere which you usually dont get to see with much of the parts of the RC industry.
XXXXXXI found myself taking numerous amounts of pics and video of the show and the planes lined up on display. The detail and the time that went into these vehicles were simply incredible, not to mention the sheer size. You can tell they took so much pride in the hobby. Then to see these beautiful giants flying through the air performing stunts I never knew they were capable of. For anyone thinking of getting into this end of the hoby of RC I would highly suggest it. I know I as of today will be spending some free time trying it out as I came home with a brand new electric powered sail plane. I just wanted to thank Lucas for inviting me, Eddie and Yuri from New York who made me feel right at home out there and put on a good show to boot,Barry who answered many of questions and Harrisburg Area Flying Society for putting on the show. I will let the pics speak for themselves.

*Check the plane with the flag paint job, truly my hands down favorite. Great paint job and one heck of a show stealer.*

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