This past fall I saw the release of the HPI Micro RS4 and this had peaked my interest but unfortunately until I see something in my hands I usually wont buy it. So I had passed it off for a while. Then in September I was at Thunder on the Beach III and a buddy of mine had brough his along and soon enough I pestered him into handing over the remote. He had been running it for a half hour already and he handed me the remote without switching batteries and I ran for another 15 minutes. If that was the only thing I was hooked already. Then I placed it down ont he rough asphalt and this thing zipped around like it was driving on a glass surface. I decided right then I would have one. Its now three months later or so and I finally splurged and got one. I ended up getting a great deal on the kit from my buddies hobby shop. Got the micro, 5 bodies and the chrome rims for about the normal price of a micro kit at retail price. Previous to this I had already painted a body for the micro just for fun, so I already had a body waiting for it at home. (previous pics here) Three days after I brought it home I popped in a couple DVDs and sat down and read the instructions and then dove into the kit. Two hours later I was able to drop my previously painted body onto the completed chassis. The overall design of the car is very simple yet is impressive. It is one of the first cars I have goten ina while that I am really gung ho about getting into racing with. So I decided this kind of car deserves its own spot on my site so I wil dedicate this page to any info I want to post on the micro or pics I take of my own and anoy other bodies I paint for them. Below you will find my first pics of my micro assembled along with one of the other bodies I painted that night but unfortunately is for a the shorter wheel base micro. Guess I will have to get another.