Well you would think December first would be a bad choice for an outdoor event running radio control cars. Well to our luck old man winter forgot about December first this year. We spent ten hours outside running our cars and trucks without the slightest bit of chill. With the help of Joisey Maxx, Torn Creations and HHPro Extreme we held another NJ Bash. NJ Bash has become a monthly gathering of New Jersey and many other tri-state area Radio Control enthusiasts to get togther bright and early on a Saturday morning and run the bolts out of their trucks or cars right until sunset. We have come to know a vacant lot in Manahawkin, N.J. (which we are allowed to use with permission from NJPD) as our home once a month. However you won't see any cars and trucks going around in a little circle passig each other on the left hand side. No, this is where you will see large scale monster trucks jumping fifteen feet in the air over station wagons, eighth scale buggies jumping off a twenty foot cliff, large block engines in cars we know cant handle them, trucks driving over everyone elses truck to get to the top of our hill climb on the track that has been built and so much more ... We also are becoming quite the family, growing each time. We have made many new friends and family getting together each month. Most of us only knowing each other only through e mail and sreen names on message boards. Although you wouldn't be able to tell, as all you would see is guys doing everything they can to help the next guy, lending out tools and parts, talking for hours and discussing when they will see each other next. So once again we had another day go off exactly how we wanted. We had a blast from seven am right up until the sun set on our day. I dont think I could put into words what all we did so I will let the pictures tell the tail. The only thing I could think to say that would sum up the day would be "Well I came, I broke all my trucks .. I guess it's time to go home" -Nitrous Pete.

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Assorted Pics from NJ Bash 2
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