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Fridgerator? ...What happened to the cat?

Drag racing gets on its way

Racing starts and crowd lines the fence

.21 T-Maxxs take the line

Sun sets on the track and still racing

Headlights light the way for the jump contest

Rexs' .21 earns him "Needs a new truck the most" trophy

Jeff ties it up with Pete for jump contest

Jeff takes the win home for jump contest

Pete gives Jeff a run for his money

Low light does nothing to slow down the racing

How come my Radio Flyer never went that fast!

Pete blows away the competition

Pete takes a victory lap (showoff)

Roosters anyone?

E-Maxx's take the line for Saturday drags

Mike Negron takes the lead

Bill's MP and Mike's Maxx face off

Ok when I say "both" go

T-Maxx takes the monstrous jump

.21 transfers that power right to the sand paddles

More to come next fall!

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