Thunder on the Beach III
is dedicated to the memory of Dave Sutton

XXXXXXWell Thunder on the Beach III is upon us. The show has continued to grow and word of it has spread far and wide. For those of you who haven't experienced one for yourself, you can go here to get a small taste of what its like. For those of you that have joined us once or even twice before, we have even more in stock for you than earlier shows. I have teamed up with in an effort to only make the show bigger and better! We have also signed on many new sponsors who are contributing plenty of prizes for you all to go home with. At our last show we tripled our number of guests from the show prior and this time I hope to do that yet again. We will even be joined by a few of our sponsors and a few other special guests. (TBA) It will be a weekend of laid back racing, good friends and family and of course tons of prizes and trophies to go home with! Hope to see you all there!

Important: Print and fill out our Show Information Form if you plan on attending. The more of you that fill them out, the better the show will be!

Sept 28th, 29th, and 30th, 2001
Friday, Sept 28th: Block Party! Join us in Scoop Taylor Park on Wisteria Rd. at 5 pm along with all the real monster trucks out on display! We will be set up for registration and check in. There will be tables set up for display. We will be judging concours and best paintjobs and the homebrew RC's. So bring out your trucks, cars or whatever you got. We will be also holding a few exhibition races, sled drags and giving away prizes all night. So come out and meet everyone and have a little pre-race fun!
Saturday, Sept 29th: Gates open at 10am; show starts 12pm Races and Contests will take place during the day.
Sunday, Sept. 30th: Gates open at 10am; show starts 12pm Continuence of races. Trophies & prizes awarded. End of show. Open track running.

Tentative Schedule of Events
Will be posted in the upcoming weeks; monster truck shows Saturday and Sunday and R/C activity all three days.

Wildwood, New Jersey; at Thunder on the Beach Monster and Off-Road Truck Show
On the beach between Schellinger and Spencer Avenues
Close to several restaurants and hotels; beach is on boardwalk.
Get reservations now--they'll fill up quick! For a list of several hotels in the area, go to Wildwoods Hotels.

Hotel of choice is AquaBeach Hotel and Resort

NOTE: hotels are filling up fast if not already full. GET YOUR RESERVATIONS NOW!
NOTE: hotels will be low priced due to off season rates.

Tentative Race Classes (trophies for each class):
*classes may be added or removed as necessary*
Off Road Course
T-Maxx .16 engine or smaller
T-Maxx .21 engine
E-Maxx, Jugg, and Clod
One Eighth Scale
Nitro One Tenth (stadium, monster trucks or buggies)
Electric One Tenth (stadium, monster trucks or buggies)
Nitro Redneck (run what ya brung)
Electric Redneck (run what ya brung)
Sand Drags
Nitro Drags (.21 or larger engine)
Nitro Drags (.16 or smaller)
Electric Drags
Jump Off
Farthest Distance (must land on wheels) Any style car/truck may enter
Crash Landing (farthest distance)
Any and all trucks get two minutes to impress the judges and the crowd!

*Please take a minute to read over our rules and regulations.*

Concours: Best overall body. Paintjob, lighting, detail etc...
Best Paintjob: Based solely on paint job of body.
Best Chassis: So how well do your hop ups match and coordinate with each other? Wanna find out?
Best Homebrew RC: Home built RC's are on the rise. More and more are hiding in their basements building their own RC's. Now is your time to show it off and possibly win a little something for your idea.
Demolition Derby: Many will go in but only one comes out. Strictly exhibition. (tentavily scheduled for Sunday) Please contact me personally if any info is needed or you plan on entering.

*There will also be free "exhibition" time to crash, bash, and run the track; also many smaller contests throughout the weekend, including paint contest and whatever else we can think of to give away free stuff from all your favorite companies! We will be raffling off prizes and hops ups all weekend.*

Come check out our sponsors !

Important: Print and fill out our Show Information Form if you plan on attending. The more of you that fill them out, the better the show will be!

Admission for racers:
Pre-registration=$15 (fee includes whole weekend access and unlimited class entries)
*Note; past Sept. 14, pre registration fee is non refundable*
During the weekend of show=$20 (fee includes whole weekend access and unlimited class entries)

Pit tables will also be available to reserve in advance for eleven dollars for the whole weekend. These are eight foot fold out tables. You can get as many as you would like to reserve or even split the cost with someone and share. Just make sure to check off the blank on the registration form and include eleven dollars with your registration fee.

Spectators, guests and family: Free!

Area food vendors will be offering special discounts to racers and guests.

There will be many trophies and prizes to be given out all weekend, as well as tons of R/C cars, trucks, and parts for sale! DON'T MISS THIS EVENT!

For more information or specific questions please E-mail me or check out the Thunder on the Beach forum on

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