XXXXXXWell it is now about three months after Thunder III and I am finally getting to this article. No doubt since September eleventh it has been very different for all of us. This tragic event came not but three weeks before Thunder on the Beach III. If you had asked me that day if the show would go on, I would have probably said no. However after talking to many of the registerred racers and noticing that everyone was still gung ho about coming I soon changed my perspective on the matter. I started to see a group of people who wouldnt let the cowardly acts of these terrorists change their lives. I soon learned that there was only one person who would not be attending the show and that was due to him losing some friends in the attacks. So it was back on as planned except with a few changes. I soon learned that one of the registerred racers had 5 friends who were firemen die in the attacks on Septmeber eleventh. This had inspired me to raise some money to send to their department in their honor. With the new registration fee and the growing number of registrants I thought it would be no problem to raise some money to go to NYC. So I decided anything over our cost for the show would go to them. This was soon posted and the registrants kept coming in.

XXXXXXIt was soon the week of the show and off I headed to Wildwood for a few days of grueling work. I had to take what was flat leveled beach and make it into a course well suited for mini monsters that would soon be competing in some hardcore racing. For the first couple days it was just me with a shovel and some fence posts. I would not be joined until Wednesday when Bill from Ace Designz would join me. Once he was there things started flying right on through to Thursday. You soon saw the track start to take form after a few dumps of sand from the guys building the track for the Real Monsters. We got the fence up, dragged over our drivers stand (bleechers), and also had the drag strip dragged out. This time for the drag strip we got the space to do a real one tenth scale one quarter mile. We were soon growing tired and decided to hit some lunch and then we cruised over to the NJHRA HQ to show Bill's son the monster trucks they owned. We were also soon joined by James (Owner of, Dave (Heavy D on Earl (Shodon on All close friends of mine and a major help to the show. They soon dug in to the sand and the track really started to take shape. We were also soon joined by a few more Maxxers, including Damifudo (Bryant) and his son CJ (who soon after became GlowPlug on MaxxTraxx) and of course my beautiful girlfriend who without her support I wouldnt have this show let alone Torn Creations. We soon grew tired and filthy and all headed back to the rooms to clean up and join back up for dinner. Anyone who was down in town before the show was invited for a pre show dinner. We had some good food, some laughs and made some new family. Something I deffintely think we will do again.

XXXXXXThe alarm the next morning that I would normally dread was such a sweet sound. I knew it was time for the the shw to start and the Maxxers to pour into Wildwood. With a little bit of work to do and an invite to any Maxxers to join us on the Beach for some pre block party running I soon headed down to the beach. The work was soon finished and the Maxxers started poruing on to the beach and the trucks started to fire up and start to test out the track. Many trying out the new Pro-Line's new sand paddle tires as this was a new product this year and this was truly the place to use them. I had almost forgotten how much I miss the rooster tails thrown by these tires on the sand. Soon enough the sand was in the air as well as the smell of burnt nitro, people were laughing and meeting new friends and family. This is what Thunder is all about. Soon enough the beach was filled with Maxxers from all over.... Kentucky, Texas, Maryland, West Pennsylvania, NYC, South Carolina and many other places. I could tell this was going to be another great show.

XXXXXX We soon started to depart to get ready for the block party. Unfortunately the block party is something we only get to enjoy every two shows as NJHRA only has it in the fall. They shut down two blocks and have one heck of a party. They gave us a parking lot and we soon became one of the attractions. By the time I got there, there was already a flock of Maxxers waiting on the bleechers to set up. I soon threw down tables and no sooner did I set them up would they be filled with trucks and cars for display. Soon enough trucks wer being fired up and were running over a car crush course that was setup. The crowds gathered around us and soon it was hard to even breath. Just something about these makes anyone within a mile of them flock into stare and of course ask "How fast do they go?". As much as most of us hate hearing that question I saw a group of guys and gals answering any question any spectator had. These are the kind of guys I love being in the hobby and always hope attend my shows. It shows everyone what this hobby is really about. We got to see many vehicles that night. Charles Monn brought up the New HPI Micro RS4 which I had yet to see. I even got my hands on that for a little while. Also got a chance to see Hobie Hernandezs fully aluminum Traxxas Nitro Rustler. Which up until this point was unheard of but thanks to RD Racing Products it can be done. There were many many amazing trucks and cars out on this night. Being confined to a parking lot we didnt see any high flying action but the guys still fired up their trucks to please the crowds. We even gave away some prizes from our numerous sponsors and even had Dennis Anderson the driver of GraveDigger come over and pick out the winnder of the GraveDigger body I had to give away from Parma. He even signed the body for the winner. The night drew to an end and we soon packed up and headed back to the rooms to rest for the forth comingday of what is to be no doubt some great racing.

XXXXXXAgain the alarm went off and I soon jumped from my bed and was out on the beach. Of course I always think getting up as early as I do I would be the first on the Beach. Not at all. I had forgotten how dedicated these guys are. I walked onto the beach to many people already there and setup and already running to get that extra practice time. We soon saw over a hundred and fifty people inlcuding racers and guests pour onto the beach for. like I said before, a great day of racing and competition. Soon after registration and the racers meeting was over and done with we jumped into the drag races and right on through the day with all the other exciting races. We saw alot of great racers from across the country giving it their all to take home the win. One thing I can say overall about the guys and gals who attended our show was that they showed great sportsmanship towards each other. I had always looked for a place to go race that didnt have the "I will do anythingto win" attitude and was overall not a very enjoyable atmosphere. Soon the sun fell and the racing continues into the night. After the close of racing for the day a few stayed behind to chit chat and run some of their trucks outfitted with lights. With a few races to go on the next day we all headed for the rooms.

XXXXXX Sunday morning came with some disapointment as we awoke to rain showers. Not sure of what was going to happen I headed down to the beach to only find people that still wanted to run the remaining races. So with the rain coming down on us we ran the remaining races and then headed up to Snow Whites Pizza Place on the boardwalk for our trophies ceremony.


Electric Drags
Charles Monn - First Place

Nitro Drags (small block)
Gene Pavitt - First Place

Nitro Drags (big block)
Pete Misinksi (Nitrous Pete) - First Place

One Tenth (electric)
Tim Smith - First Place
Robert Stefanick - Second Place
Jared Cagle - Third Place

One Tenth (nitro)
Jason Vrabel - First Place
Dane Loch - Second Place
Hobie Hernandez - Third Place

Open (Run What Ya Brung)
Craig Brown- First Place
Brian Mattle- Second Place
Eric Gessner- Third Place

E Maxx
Charles Monn - First Place
Danny Basilio - Second Place
Robert Bratcher (Timberwolf) - Third Place

T Maxx (small block)
Bill Herman - First Place
Brian Mattle - Second Place
Dane Loch - Third Place

T Maxx (big block)
Robin Oury - First Place
Jason Vrabel - Second Place
Melissa Conrad - Third Place

Jump Contest (landing on wheels)
Oscar Rivera - First Place

Jump Contest (crash landing)
Shawn Laity - First Place

Concours D Elegance
Rob Stefanick - First Place

Best Paintjob (airbrush)
Robin Oury - First Place
Brian Jerden - Second Place

Best Paintjob (can)
Melissa Conrad - First Place
Tim Smith - Second Place
Best Chassis
Bill Middleton (Slateterra) - First Place
Charles Monn - Second Place

Best HomeBrew RC
Ace Designz Racing (Bill Herman, Shawn Laity and Dan Le Fever) - First Place

Needs a New Truck the Most
David Bourdelais - First Place

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