Rules & Regulations

1.All RC vehicles will be subject to tech inspection before allowed on the track.
-All gas vehicles *must* be equipped with a return spring and/or a failsafe system.
-Any vehicle deemed unsafe to run will not be allowed to run until repairs needed to be made are completed. (ie - frayed wires, cracked gas tank, loose connections, low rx batteries..)

2.This is a laid back competition weekend. Leave your racing caps at home. This is a *fun* weekend that will have prizes and trophies. No questioning or arguments over classes and regulations will be tolerated. So just come on out and have some fun.

3.There will be set start times for each race and an anouncement prior to the start of the race. If you are not ready the race will begin without you. We have a long weekend and many events that we will need to get through.

4.All radios while not in use are required to be kept in the radio impound. This will minimize frequency conflicts during the weekend.

5.No walking on the course or dragstrip unless absolutely necassary. This will minimize the amount of time we have to spend grooming the track and give us more time to race.

6.No foul language or arguing.

7.No alcohol or drugs of any kind will be permitted through out the weekend. Showing up under the influence will also not be tolerated.

8.No smoking will be allowed in the pit area. There will be an area set aside for smoking.

9.Leave the beach the way you found it. There will be trash cans and a fuel dump. These are expected to be used. Down to every last glow plug washer and cigarrette butt. Again there is no tolerance for this, New Jersey has enough problems with their beaches.(lol)

10.Everyone is expected to help throughout the weekend with turn marshalling and keeping the track grooomed.

11.Remember, if you are running your cars back at your hotel be weary of sound ordinances and also other RC's. We have plenty of people coming into town for this and in most cases you will be in the same hotel as them. So even while not on the track check the frequencies and/or make sure no one is running their radio within your range.

12.There will be tables available for adavance reservation, although we still urge you to bring your tents and tables as we ran out very quickly last year.

*Any and all persons found breaking these rules will be asked to leave without refund and not be welcome back to the show and forfeits trophies and/or prizes won*
(No tolerance)

*Please check back as this will be updated.*

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