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"The Sunday Crew"

MP after a not so graceful landing.

One eighth buggies clear an explorer plus some!

Yup ... again.

Hey thats getting ..closer ...DOH!

Yes ...and again.

Yeah I kept taking pictures.

Well , he almost made it.

Just one more.

Carlos wrenchin on his Maxx.

Freddy's Maxx less tranny.

Shawn wrenchin on his MT.

.21 T-Maxx taking the tabletop.

Doughnuts anyone?

That's some nice air.

Some more air.

.21 Maxx takes the "tabletop". (get it table)

Some more table jumps.

E Maxx hitting the jump.

Some nice E Maxx air.

One eighth going vertical.

Maxx doesn't quite make it.

Anticipation builds as they prepare to jump the truck.

Oscar getting his .21 running.

Last touches on the jump and now to get them started.

Late arrival.

1,2,3, ....6!?!? Wheels?!?!

Torn bods on display.

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