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Ace Designz Racing's trucks

What trucks were left piled on the hill for some pics

Trucks line the course for concourse


This sweet MP took 2nd in concourse

More Maxx's for concourse

Another shot of the hill

Nitro Jake Racing took home 1st for concourse

Nothing like a good Prowler replica

Carlos' Torn Creations body

Oscar's original three speed Maxx

Closeup of the furby wagon

Carlos' Maxx less body.

Mike "Knowgood's" Maxx.

Sweet Hummer Maxx.

Yokomo Rally with Peugot body.

Torn's Hummer Maxx.

Check the Digger leavin tracks.

Yup, Torn Hummer again.

Twin engine Maxx.

Check these graphics.

Check out the custom digger bod.

Another shot of the twin.

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